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You Are Marvelous, Lord!

Lord, it has been many years
since you gave me the precious gift of life.

As You know, I have experienced joys and success,
I have also known trials and sorrows.

When I visualize what I have experienced,
when I think of all you have been for me,
I would desire brand new words
to tell you my gratefulness.

Now that I have the leisure
to contemplate your creation,
make me savour the sweetness of the sun,
the beauty of a flower and of all your marvels,
those works of your hands that proclaim your glory.

Lord, keep joy in my heart.
Whatever my worries and troubles,
grant that I may never withdraw into myself,
but rather think of those around me
who need, as I do, a fraternal presence.

If I have less strength, give me more spirit,
more light, understanding, and kindness.

If my hands tremble,
help me to keep them always open, ready to give.

When I approach eternity,
keep my hand in yours,
Deign to receive, as a prayer,
My illness and my suffering.

May my humble and confident death,
be my last good work on this earth,
my last «yes» to your holy will
and I shall go home for the lasting feast of your love.
Believe me, Lord, you are marvellous.