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Become an associate

To become an associate to the charisma of the community of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe the following is the course of action offered.

After having perceived the family resemblance with the community SJSH, which is an attraction for the values lived by the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe: joy, simplicity, service, and humility, the person is invited to take a training session in order to know the community better, its founders, Saint Joseph and the particular spirituality of the community.

This person will be called a candidate and she will be in a period of formation.

This time of formation will be guided by a committee actually composed of two religious and two associates.

The formation is not determined in time periods; it adjusts to each person’s rhythm. 

After this time of formation, the person looks and discerns whether or not she is called to direct her everyday life in accordance with the SJSH spirituality.  If she is called, she will be asked if she is ready to enlist as an associate to the charisma of the community whose motto is: “Reveal a God who is close to every person”.  

After that, a continual formation is offered through different resources to the associated persons.  The engagement is undertaken on an annual basis and is renewable. 

Diane Martel, Associate to the sjsh charisma
for the promotion of the committee

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