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Prayer friends

Image principale The work of the Friends of Prayer that began at the Bishopric of St. Hyacinthe in 1968 by Bishop Gaston Girouard in collaboration with Bishop Samuel Lemoine, was taken over of by the Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Hyacinthe in 1976.

However, we continue to print the prayer sheets at the Bishopric until 1981. Many people express their appreciation and the work is expanding. Thousands and thousands of prayer sheets were then printed at our mother house and distributed until 2014.

From 1981 to 1985, several prayer sheets were spirally bound and then in 1985, a contract of 20,000 books was entrusted to Imprimerie La Providence Inc. Since that date, 240000 volumes have been printed and distributed.

This work has crossed borders and seas. The prayer sheets and the volumes of "My Meeting with the Lord" are found in many homes, in parish churches, pilgrimage sites, seniors residences, hospitals, bookshops ... Many people nourish their lives with prayer using these now out-of-circulation sheets or the collection "My Meeting with the Lord".

In 2016, the work entrusted to us is 40 years old. Happy memory, prayerful remembrance will join all those who will have communicated with us in friendship and prayer.

Sister Angèle Archambault, sjsh