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Prayer of a future mother

Lord, you called me to give life,
You willed to associate me to your creative work,
Deign bless the child I am bearing
And wish to offer to you as your child also.

Put in my heart of mother-to-be
The tenderness and love of your fatherly heart,
That I may help him to realize in his life
What you expect of him.

May his awakening to a personal life,
Separated from mine,
Take place normally for him as for me,
According to your will.
In advance I accept the suffering
Which will precede the great joy, shared with my spouse
Of holding in our arms this child born of us
And desired with love.

And you, Virgin Mary,
You whose mysterious motherhood gave us the Son of God,
Uphold my hope of also giving
To the Lord, a child that will be his joy,
As well as ours.
Ask your son Jesus
That our home be always open to life.
Grant that this child I am expecting may grow like yours,
«and become strong, full of wisdom and with God's blessings upon him.»

Lord, I will never thank you enough
For having given me this incomparable joy
Of the birth of my child.
Help me to rekindle constantly
For him the warmth of our home
And strew along my path
The precious flowers of friendship and tenderness.

Thus our family will really be a priviliged place
Where love is learned, lived, and shared.
Is is asking too much, Lord?
Let me tell you that I believe in life
And trust in the Spirit.