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Our Lady of Sorrows

O Mary, my dear Mother
Allow me to gaze upon you, infinitely sorrowful,
But strong and steadfast at the foot of your Son's cross.

Your long way of the cross
Begins with the utter poverty of your divine Child
In the stable of Bethlehem.
And to save him from Herod's threat,
You bear the trial of exile in Egypt.

Generously, you bow before the will of God
Which tears your heart aasunder
As foretold by Simeon in the temple.

During your divine Son's public life,
The lack of understanding, the ingratitude,
and, above all, the hate which befall Him
Resound in your motherly heart.

You do not easily understand the attitude of Jesus
Who seems, at times, to forget his mother,
To devote himself wholly to his mission.

And on the painful way of the passion, you are there, discreet
In your solitude, with your feelings, your questions and your wounded heart
At the sight of the one who is always your Son,
?She's the mother of the condemned? people say, pointing to you.

Emerging from the crowd,
You are allowed to come close to the cross of your Son.
It is the hour of your supreme fiat.
In you, no sign of discouragement,
Strong and standing, in a mysterious silence,
You wait , at the foot of the cross, to receive
The one who has willed to associate you to the salvation of the world.

Mother of Sorrows, we are your children.
Jesus himself has willed that we share
With him your motherly love.
In you, we put all our faith.
And we especially confide to you those
Who suffer in their body and in their soul.
Above all, do not forget His dearest friends
The lowly and the poor.

Thank you. Lord, for giving us Mary
Thank you for having revealed to us, in her, the mystery of your love.