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Give your worries to God

If man is often unhappy inwardly, if he fails in life,
it is because he wants to live according to his way,
in a human manner relying on his own strength.
As soon as he abandons himself in God's hands,
God gets to work: success
(not necessarily human success) is inevitable and complete.

God is there, present to all life, but discreet,
waiting for you to give Him your worry,
to entrust Him with a task.
Why keep so much work for yourself?
Why not give Him everything to carry, everything to accomplish,
as well as your heart and hands that He may use them Himself?
Why struggle asking Him to « help » you?

Every night, be willing to die to all your concerns,
all your worries, justified or not.
Humbly commit everything into God's hands
and wake up each morning free of all worry, renewed,
pure, and ready to face the life that awaits you.

If you wish to be free, if you wish to be young,
joyful, at peace, strong, and triumphant,
each day, each minute,
cast your worry in the Lord and He will support you.

Michel Quoist