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An unfinished prayer

Lord, I realize, with some apprehension,
that my name already appears on the waiting list
at the door of your house.
Numerous souvenirs sweep through my memory.
Various feelings fill my heart.
My joys and my sorrows, still witnesses to the emotion
that time has not erased,
remain present in my daily life.

Lord, allow me to tell you
that I delight in your friendship more and more.

You know, in spite of my weaknesses,
I have never forsaken my trust in you.
My hope in your support has helped me
to go through the most difficult stages of my life.
I have tried, in my way,
to respond to your love by my love.

Today, I have time for you,
I have time to thank you.
Thanks for your so comforting word.
Thanks for your sacraments, beginning with my baptism
which made me a member of your family.
Thanks for the forgiveness granted so generously,
considering my repentance and my regrets.
Thanks for all the persons I have met
who have honored me with their friendship.

I would have much more to tell you.

One day, maybe soon, you will welcome me home,
we could then, if you so will,
complete together this unfinished prayer.