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My Prayer to Mary

Allow me, Virgin Mary,
to address you, as I would your son Jesus
in all simplicity, in all friendship.
Are you not my mother?
Am I not your child?

Your name was one of the first on my lips,
One of the first in my heart.

You are there, on my path,
Faithful, discreet, attentive, and benevolent.

With you, my sorrows and miseries
Are less heavy and less bitter.
Are you not

With you, no hesitation, no worry
Are you not the

With you, all hope is secure, all expectation permissible.
Are you not the

With you, happiness is possible,
Friendship is cloudless.
Are you not the

You know my weaknesses, excuse me before my God.
Do not forget those who would have forgotten you.
They have such need of you.
Are you not the

You know the dangers I face, protect me.
Protect also my parents, my friends,
And those I love,
And why not also, those who do not love me.
I entrust them to your maternal love.
Keep my hand in yours as I go through life.
And when the Lord will call me, do not abandon me.
Be there, close by me.

Present me to your son Jesus and tell him that, after all
It is He I was searching for,
With much sincerity,
In spite of my mistakes, in spite of my sins.
Are you not the

Virgin Mary, here is my prayer.
Beyond my words, you know my thoughts.
You who understood the silences of Jesus,
You can also understand mine.
They contain all that I cannot express.
Above all, they would tell you properly,
My love and my trust,
And also my joy of knowing you are close to me.