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Who Am I?

Lord Jesus,
If you asked me:
«For you, who am I?»
What would my answer be?
Without doubt, your are not an ordinary man,
For if your name is still well-known after some two thousand years,
You are surely a great historical figure.

Yes, I know all that,
But I understand that when you ask me:
«For you, who am I?»
You wish to know more than that :
You wish to know what place you hold in my life;
You wish to know what kind of Christian I am.

And that is exactly where you reach me
With my hesitations, my compromises,
My fears of commitment,
My timidity in following in your footsteps.

Nevertheless, Lord, I know very well that,
What you expect of me,
Is that I be, in your Church,
A witness to your light,
A witness to your love,
A witness to your presence in our midst.
Lord, thank you for trusting me,
And help me to say to you,
Not only in words but by my whole life:
«You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God».