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Mary and the Holy Spirit

O Mary, my good Mother,
faithful Spouse of the Holy Spirit,
deign to obtain for me from our God of Love
all His Ardour and Light.

Do place my poor soul in His divine flames,
that He may consume it of His love,
awaken its faith and fulfill its hope.

Do grant me also, an inviolable faithfulness
to the impulses of grace
and to His divine operations.

O Holy Spirit, through Mary's intercession,
I confide myself to your purifying and sanctifying love !
May you dwell alone in me with the Father and the Son.

Humble servant of the Lord,
God has placed his faith in you.
Blessed are you, admirable Virgin!

Mother of the Savior Jesus,
generous among all women,
blessed are you,
Virgin is so good!

Mary, faithful and poor,
The Lord finds his joy in you.
Blessed are you,
Virgin worthy of praise!