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On the evening of our life

Lord, for years past, day after day,
we have worked amid joy or sorrow,
success or failure, or both in turn.

With love, courage, and patience, we have persevered.
Thus, we have willed to collaborate
in building this world of ours.

In spite of the years,
Our heart is still able to love and also to welcome
with joy and thanksgiving, the affection
that is offered to us.

Lord, we entrust to you
our joys and our sorrows, our still available love,
our vivid memories.
Take our hand in yours;
more than ever, we need to know that you are there;
we trust you so.
You are ever the God of our youth,
the youth we wish to keep in our heart,
like a beautiful gift from you.

Lord, truly, we have reached the evening of life.
We count on your light to continue on our way.
We count on your support and your love
to go through the last stage of our life
which, soon, will enter eternity.

Lord, we are sure
that You will be there to welcome us,
and our eyes will be opened to this marvellous world
that will reveal to us, in all its fullness,
that for which we searched so much in this world,
the incomparable happiness of fulfilled love.