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You too will be witnesses

Lord Jesus in God's plan
You came to inaugurate new times.

Through you, God, who is love
unites himself to us to transfigure us.
With you we are called to live God's
life of love.

You oblige no one, it is in total freedom
that you want us to answer your call.
That is why you willed to share
our joys, our sufferings, and all our hopes.

To reveal yourself to us
you chose this human face
that we foretell throughout the Gospel.
And, at the same time You knew how to make us discover
the invisible face of God who comes to us to fulfill our expectations.

Lord, teach us to turn to you
to go towards you.
Because we are made for the life, the love, and the joy
that only you can give.

You call us to be your witnesses,
to be at your service in your project of love,
discovering thus the joy of giving,
the joy of pardoning,
the joy of building together this world,
where brothers and sisters recognize each other as real disciples
who chose you as master of life.

Teach us to be witnesses,
humble and sincere, but also visible and ardent
so that all may discover in our deeds and our words
the true face of the Father whom you came to reveal to us.