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«And my hope, against all hope »

Lord, last week, the doctor told me
A strange cancer is gnawing at my body.

I experienced on that day the harshness of a brutal truth.

But, this morning, Lord, with you I want to come
face to face with this cancer, to confront it fully.

This cancer, Lord, presents to me the vertigo of the nothingness of life?
I choose the vertigo of faith!

It offers me night?  I choose light !

It offers me revolt?  I choose love !

In spite of its sly pain that wishes to cause my death,
I want to walk courageouly towards the unknown path,
Where promise and threat confront each other.

In spite of its vile presence in me,
I shall try to appease worry
And I shall drown in trust the fears which dwell in me.

Lord, you ask me to accept the unacceptable
Facing this cancer, I choose to be, even more to grow!
I want to carry on with my life
In spite of dreams shredding into tatters.
Moreover, I want to live with intensity.

Lord, against this intruder in my life as a woman,
I shall fight with loud cries?
Often too heavy with silence.
Because of it, Lord, with you,
I shall be a fighter?

I keep in mind these words of the Gospel,
«Fear not, just believe.»

«And my hope against all hope»
tells me, I shall conquer
My life, no one takes away from me, it is I who gives it ! »