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Confirmation of our child

Lord, as we present our child
For the sacrement of Confirmation,
We are aware, we his parents,
Of accompanying him in a commitment
Which is already our own
That we strive to live faithfully.

With him, we express our faith in God
Father, Son, and Spirit, and in the Church, our mother
Which gathers us in love.

Lord, whatever the Spirit wishes to accomplish in our child,
We willingly accept to do our part
Through the education we wish to give him
And by being witnesses in our life.

We beg you,Lord
Give our child the Spirit of truth
The Spirit that enlightens us and guides us on life's pathways;
Give him the Spirit of strength
The Spirit that enables us to live according to our convictions;
In spite of obstacles, in spite of trials;
Give him the Spirit of love,
The Spirit that makes us brothers and sisters
Serving the same mission, in your Church.

Lord, we thank you
For your great solicitude towards us.
You make your sacraments available to us,
Those luminous signs which reveal your love to us.
It is through the sign of Confirmation
That you tell us your Spirit is always among us,To help us respond to your expectations
And to reveal to us the wisdom of your will.

Holy Spirit, dwell in our hearts,
Fill them with your light, your love, and your strength,
Make us discover the joy of serving
A God who loves us and wants us to be happy.