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«I thank you, Lord, with all my heart?» Ps 137, 1

Lord Jesus,
After receiving you with faith and love,
Human words are inadequate
To express my gratitude
My adoration, my love.

You humbly descend to our level,
You knock at the door of my heart,
Patiently waiting for a welcome.

My response is a silent one.
My silence wishes to tell You
My everlasting joy
For being free to open my heart to you.

Lord, do make yourself at home
And let me talk to You as people did
Along the highways and byways
Of your own country.

If you only would, dear Lord,
You could surely heal me !
How often have you not heard
This prayer of loving trust !
Today, I make it mine.

You know my most secret thoughts and longings,
You know the place of choice that is yours in my heart.
I sincerely admit how sadly weak I become
When temptations assail me.
My failures are ever there before my eyes
And they cry out my need of You.

Yes, dear Lord and my God,
Do say a word of mercy and I shall be healed.
Let me hear from your lips the word of forgiveness.
The word through which you forget my sins, my failures.
The word that reminds me of your loving mercy !

And now, Brother Jesus, I wish to thank you heartily.
For coming to me, in my soul, for the precious gift of life,
For courage in trials, for the joys of friendship.
Yes, thank You, dear Lord Jesus,
You remain in our midst.
The fragrance of your presence,
The generosity of your gifts,
The abiding f your love gives sense to our lives.

Thank you for our daily bread and its abundance !
For the life and strength it brings our tired bodies.
Grant, Lord, that I never forget the needy at my door.

Thanks, Lord, for the cross You have promised
To all your faithful friends.
When I think of your Cross, mine becomes so much lighter !

Thank You, also for all that You are for me,
Thank You above all, for those who forget to give You thanks.
May they discover too all that You are in their own lives!

Dear Jesus, I commit to Your loving care
My happiness, now and later.
You are my Master and I put my trust in You.

I also confide to You my family and friends.
Protect them from dangers, keep them in Your love,
As I keep them constantly in my daily prayers.

Dear Lord, take care of those whom I dearly love.
They are in eternal rest.
Look upon those who suffer physically and morally.
I could name quite a few, but Ì know their names are
Written in Your heart.

Dear Father, I humbly ask mercy for those relatives and friends
Who have forsaken the Eucharist, who have given up
Sharing « the Word and the Bread ».
May the faith of their childhood awaken in their hearts
The memory of Your Face !

Please, Lord, do not cease to invite them
To your « Rendez-vous of love ».
Behind the smiling or weeping faces
Of brothers and sisters,
May I discern the shadow of Your adorable Face !

Open my door, open my heart, open my hands.
Lord, I acknowledge you for my Master and Guide
My Light and Salvation.
Along the sometimes rugged path of my life,
Make me submissive enough to cherish Your silences
To accept Your delays, to respect Your plans.

I fully trust You, Jesus, because I know
That Your are always attentive and always willing our joys.
With the Father and the Spirit receive my homage.

With Mary, Your blessed Mother and mine,
Lend an ear to my petitions.
With the angels and saints, expect me HOME, to You.
Beyond my awkward words, do accept
What I feel unable to express.
May we keep in touch always !