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Prayer for peace by John Paul II

Hear my voice, Lord, for it is that of the victims
Of all the wars and of all the violence
Between individuals and peoples.

Hear my voice, for it is that of all the children
Who suffer and will suffer
As long as people put their faith in weapons and war?

Hear my voice, when I ask you to breathe into
The heart of all human beings
The wisdom of peace
The strength of justice
And the joy of friendship?

Hear my voice when I speak for the multitudes who,
In all countries and at all times,
Do not want war and are ready to travel the way of peace?

Hear my voice and give us the strength
Always to respond to hate with love,
To injustice with a total commitment to justice,
To misery with sharing.

Hear my voice, O Lord, and grant to the world,
(especially to the Middle East) your eternal peace.