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Joseph, my Friend

You are called the Just Man,
The Carpenter, the Silent One
But, I call you MY FRIEND.

With Jesus and Mary
You have your place
In my heart and In my whole life.

Your presence in my path
Is as reassuring
As the promise
Of your loving care.
You are ever silent
But I know that you are there
At my side, very close,
Obligingly ready to help.

You have known
Doubts, hesitations,
Concerning the condition
Of your beloved Mary.

Where is the Lord?
You who have looked for Him
Night and day, unceasingly.
Tell me where to find Him.

In the darkness of night,
In the gloom of bad days,
Take my hand, Lead me to Him.

When day after day is filled
With sorrow and worry,
Solitude and boredom,
Tell me where He is.

When I am no more In search of Him,
Gratified and content In my comfort and ease
Then, tell me, where is the Lord?
Tell me where the Lord is,

When hope, love, and faith
Uplift my courage, and
Invite me to greater enthusiasm.

When my heart wants to love Him,
And Him above all else;
Others in Him and with Him,
Tell me where He is!

When someone comes to me,
In search of comfort, of love,
Of joy, and of peace,
Do tell me where He is.

Joseph, my Friend,
You who did trudge amidst
Rays of light and shade of night,
Tell me how to meet Him,
The Lord of my soul.

Joseph, the amazed witness
Of the action of the Spirit,
Help me recognize
His wonders
And be submissive to His Will.

Joseph, great listener,
Attentive to all needs,
Keep me, heart and soul,
Wide open to my brother's
Trials and sufferings.
Listen to my prayer,
The one never forgotten: 
"Jesus, Mary, Joseph, I give you My heart, my soul, my life."

Joseph, my Friend,
When God calls me to Him,
Give me your hand,
Lead me safely and
Ask Him to receive me In His paradise.