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Lord, hear me

Lord, in Your Gospel,
You often invite us to pray.
Today, I ask myself
How I respond to your invitation.

Without doubt, I still know
The prayers I learned in my youth.
I still recite them on certain occasions,
With little impact on my daily life.

To pray, Lord,
I believe, is firstly to love,
It's loving to meet, You and I,
In a dialogue, in which we can truthfully
Share our feelings, like two persons
Who love each other and tell each other so.

One enters into prayer with one's heart,
Not with words learned as a lesson,
But with what one lives.

To pray, Lord, is it not listening to Your Word.
Does it remain etched in my memory,
Like a beautiful word of love,
That you wished to speak to us,
To allow us to savour the happiness which you promise us?

To pray, Lord, is to see our brothers and sisters
As you see them.
How could I say I love You,
If, in my heart, I harbour incomprehension
Grudge, contempt, indifference?
To pray is to forgive, and to forgive, is to love.

Yes, Lord,
I sincerely ask: teach me to pray.
It is thus I shall learn to love,
You first, and my brothers and sisters,
Who are in need of Your love and of mine.