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In the heart of the Church, I shall be love

Saint Theresa

Theresa of the Child Jesus, to you, the saint of Lisieux,
The tribute of our admiration and our friendship.

You are the saint of love and of the day to day
Lived with simplicity and joy.
You are our example on the road of salvation.

Give us the soul of a child,
transparent, straightforward, and generous,
that welcomes the Lord with unlimited trust.

Give us a benevolent heart,
Open to gratuitousness and forgiveness.
Open to us the wide horizons of fraternal love,
So that all who cross our path
Will again find hope, light, and peace.

You who wished to give a missionary dimension to your life,
Make our faith, radiant with hope and love,
Lead to the truth those who doubt,
And bring back to the Lord those who have strayed.

Obtain for us the enthusiasm that made you run forward, full of joy,
In spite of your sufferings, to meet the will of God.

Present to the Lord all our intentions.
Beg Him to bless us, to bless our parents, our friends,
And all those for whom we pray.

Grant that, as you did, we may, above all,
Walk resolutely towards the Lord,
Who will gather us definitively
In His love and His joy.