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Saint Martin


St. Martin of Raleomile is located in the Tlokoeng region, home of the Batlokoa. When the sisters came to this region the people were mostly non-Christian and almost always at war with the Basotho. The town is 8500 feet above sea level. Four major rivers run through Tlokoeng: the Khubedu in the east, the Simena in the west, the Senqu (Orange) in the south and the Matsoku in the north. The mission is framed by these four rivers. It is located at the foot of Mont aux Sources, west of St. James . In the 1940's St. James was about 48 kilometres away since it was reached via mountain trails. Today roads connect the two missions and the distance is much shorter.

Since 1940, Father Donat Gauvin, O.M.I., parish priest of St. Martin, had been asking for sisters. From one year to the next his project was put on hold despite his repeated requests. On December 3, 1945, Mother St. Jean Berchmans (Blanche Meunier), superior general, announced that she would soon be sending sisters to St. Martin.
On January 14, 1946, Bishop Joseph Bonhomme, apostolic vicar of Basotoland (former name of Lesotho), transmitted this information to the priest who was very pleased indeed.

Sister St. Michel des Anges (Antoinette Brouillard)
Sister Cypriane (Agnes Pita)
Sister Maria Louis (Anastasia Maqekela)

At the end of December 1960, the Canadian sisters withdrew from St. Martin mission. The Basotho sisters stayed on a few more years.

In 1996, the Basotho sisters also withdrew from St. Martin.

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