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Parnaguá, PI


Parnagua is in the Mesorregiao, in southern Piaui. It is south of the municipalities of Monte Alegre, Piaui,and Redencao, Gurgueia; north of Corrente and the state of Bahia; west of the municipality of Curimata; east of the municipalities of Monté Alegre, Puaya, Gilbues, and Corrente.

Sister Iracema Santana Nogueira
Sister Ana Alves de Moraes
Sister Maria do Socorro Silva

The sisters' objectives were: to support the sister-community in Curimata; to be a transforming presence among the local people; to collaborate with the priests; and to train lay pastoral workers.

On December 16, 1994, the sisters left this place for good.

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