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Women of the Bible: Anna

 Anna, Woman Bearer of Light

Anna, the prophetess Luke speaks of at the presentation of Jesus in the Temple, is a woman who has reached the fullness of wisdom. With all her heart, she longs for the messianic deliverance of all the peoples of the earth. Her dwelling place is the dwelling place of God, her service and her rest are prayer and fasting. Enlightened by the Light of the world, she has the inner knowledge that the Child’s hour is also the Hour of God. Her prayer goes beyond what her human eyes perceive in this quite ordinary baby. Having reached the unity of all her soul’s powers in God, having reached the symbolic age of eighty-four years, she speaks naturally of the divine which transforms ordinary realities. Her words are like music to the ear, and give light to those dying in the darkness of the absurd.

Anna, saint prophetess Anna, make us discover the spiritual richness of advancing age. Give us once again the enthusiasm of our first consecration to the Lord. Give us the taste for living with God in the here and now in order to look at persons and events with compassion. Change our perception of the world, the world that Jesus loves passionately and for which He gave His life. Since today, more than ever, we are called to mission, whatever our age, fire us with enthusiasm for our mission.

Word of the Lord: Luke 2; 22, 25, 36-38

Céline Comeau, sjsh


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