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Women of the Bible: Hagar

Hagar, the Excluded Wife

You are the excluded wife, a victim of the power of your masters, the one they get rid of after she has served their purpose. Woman without rights, expelled to the desert with her child, deprived of resources, like all the heads of today’s single-parent families. God calls you personally and gives you dignity, “What troubles you, Hagar? Get up! God is with your child. Open your eyes! There is always a well in the desert! I will make a great nation of him.”

Through Hagar, You call upon us Lord, to be united with women who are cast out, often because they are with child. They contribute nothing or little to the economy. May we be for them educators, teaching them an unfailing faith in life. Make us worthy of being Bearers of the Promise for them and their children.

Word of the Lord: Gen 21; 14-20

Céline Comeau, sjsh


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