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Women of the Bible: Eve

Eve and the Thirst for Life

Here is Eve and her thirst to live all possibilities, to taste all the fruits, immediately, near us by her youth and her way of conceiving life, she is of our times and she is of all times. She can be a close relative of the prodigal son. She, who conceived all of us, is also the first to wish to own the legacy of divine life. Through her covenant with God, she will patiently learn the cost of responsibility and suffering and reach the fullness of freedom and life.

Eve, our mother, teach us that, without pain, no life is conceived or borne to maturity. Teach us to read with accuracy and compassion the frantic search for artificial paradises, very common to our time. Help us to weave lasting bonds with our young people.

Word of the Lord: Gen 1, 26-31

Céline Comeau, sjsh

Blessed are you, Eve

Blessed are you,
Eve, fashioned from this bone
Taken from the slumbering man.
The man, born from the breath of God
Breathed into the primeval clay.

Eve, mother of all who live,
Blessed are you
Among all who live.
You are woman of all geneses
And of all accomplishments.

Blessed are you,
Eve, woman who fell but got up again.
Woman standing tall in the centre of the garden
Where grows the tree of choices
With its deceitful fruit.

Blessed are you,
Eve, my sister in the flesh.
You, existing side by side with man,
You, his confidant,
Equal yet different.

Blessed are you
Mother of the New Eve
Who gave us
Christ, the New Adam
For the future of the world.

Ghislaine Salvail, sjsh

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