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Women of the Bible: Elizabeth

 Elizabeth, Woman of Discernment

Elizabeth, wife of Zechariah, you are righteous and blameless before God. How deep your spiritual poverty is, despite your advanced age and your barrenness ! Today, the Lord’s mercy shines forth in the child you bear. You recognize in Mary, who visits you, the transformation of a person overwhelmed by God’s presence. At the sound of her greeting, you feel the child in your womb leap for joy. The Spirit takes hold of you completely, you who had till then known only emptiness and solitude. The God in you leads you to communion with the God growing in your young cousin. Prophetic audacity leads you to proclaim loud and strong the benevolence for humanity that she is bearing. You are the first to give to Jesus the divine title of the resurrected Lord.

Elizabeth, you who feel the presence of God in every part of your being, incline our bodies and our souls to peace and inner silence, that we may discern the signs of His action in us and in others during the Chapter. We firmly believe: the Holy Spirit wishes to fill our hearts and reveal to us the will of God for our Congregation. Grant us the courage to set aside the inner chatter, our petty prejudice, and our personal interests to live in His presence, teach us to risk going beyond words and feelings. Elizabeth, make us able to proclaim, like you, the greatness of our mission as women bearers of the divine!

Word of the Lord: Luke 1; 39-45

Céline Comeau, sjsh


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