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A dandelion


Throughout the years, I have consigned my interior life journey in a diary. I often entered very simple images, as if to explain the beauty and the good I encountered. I share with you one of those images to which I have referred through the years. Here are two entries regarding my story of a dandelion.

My God is a child God…
When I wished to be perfect, I wanted to be great and beautiful. I have now learned that beauty is not in greatness and strength but that it hides also in littleness and weakness. My God is a marvelous God to have made things thus. He alone was able to imagine such wonder! With Him, I am raised to such beauty; could I wish for more?

 I see God picking me as a child picks a dandelion or a flax flower as an offering to a loved one. In His hands, I am the most precious flower. My God is a child God! Become as a child! Those words of the Gospel have such meaning for me today (1987)

The beauty of a flower…

At the end of my street lies a vast dandelion field. The beautiful yellow blooms on the green grass sway in the wind; it is marvelous! Still, when I find a lone one on my well-tended lawn, I wish to destroy it. Why is this dandelion declared so ugly by us humans? And, when a child, my son Marc Aurèle , who is three years old, comes to offer me one as if it were the queen of roses, I am so happy. And what about when God picks the dandelion that I am? What waves of tenderness does He then pour into my heart! (2004)

Excerpts from the diary of Nicole Céré, an associate


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