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A future associate tells us about her journey

My experience in becoming an associate

In November 2000, I was invited to the Mother House of the Sisters of Saint Joseph and had the opportunity to visit the museum of the Foundress, Élisabeth Bergeron. Immediately, I knew that this woman would have a great influence on my life as a committed believer. I cannnot express how much I appreciated the welcoming, the smiles, and the kindness of all the religious I met.

Triggering factors
Elisabeth’s piety, her humble attitude, her closeness to people were triggering factors in my decision to follow in her footsteps.

For the past three years, a Sister of Saint Joseph accompanies me in my spiritual life. My prayer brings me peace, serenity, and happiness and helps me to face life’s problems.

During a conversation, I heard about the associates. In September 2003, wishing to know more about their goal, I began my formation at the Mother House while sharing with the associates of the local community of Boucherville. During my formation, I got to know the founders and their mission as educators in the service of the Church. I also learned to overcome my fear of speaking out about my faith and my spirituality. Now, it has become my way of evangelizing.

I thank God for all the graces I have received and trust that He will guide me.
I also know that I can count on the prayers and the support of the Sisters of Saint Joseph in carrying on my commitment as an associate.

Madeleine Seers, associate
October 2004


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