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Delicate and fragile topic, humility?...

Allow me, as associate to the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe, to share with you in all simplicity some reflections from a day dedicated to pondering on the topic « Humility ». Tackling this delicate and fragile topic is a challenge…Nevertheless, it is actually very present in our everyday lives.

The lowliest of the lowly
Jesus, the lowliest of the lowly, turned his full attention to the people of his time in all humanity in spite of the fact that He was all-powerful… «Learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart». Matthew 11, 29.

Between the grace of God and human liberty
In our journey following Jesus, room is made for others…by accepting their ideas or by withholding our judgments. Humility is not the virtue of the weak, «it lies between the grace of God and the liberty of human beings». This may become for us a way of life, an experience of paschal journeying…
As it was for Jesus, temptation is for us a golden opportunity for finding our real values, for experiencing the priceless gift of God which transforms our heart of stone into a heart of flesh. Humiliation has no other goal than to lead us on the path of humility.

Looking towards God
In all humility, Mary turns to God rather than dwell on herself…She says, « My soul proclaims the greatness of the Lord.» Luke 1, 46.

The instrument of God
Venerable Élisabeth Bergeron, foundress of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe, said, «I am merely the instrument of God». Her great humility arouses my admiration and offers me an invitation : allow God to work in my life, according to His plans for me. Like Élisabeth, I wish to live every new day serenely.

Making our way humbly
In answer to our prayer, God will help us to make our way with humility towards others. Each time we say to our brothers and sisters « I love you », we try to see them as God sees them, with great love. When we act thus, we are truly on an equal footing with them, neither above nor below… In Jesus, our true freedom, we are sisters and brothers of our heavenly Father…

Lorraine Bilodeau Leblanc, associate


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