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Saint Hyacinthe (Larocque School)

(formuly Precious Blood School)
1882-1887 et 1908-1963

This school was located in Quartier Cinq [Sector Five] of the Notre Dame du Rosaire parish. In 1882, it was called Precious Blood School.

At the request of the members of the school board, Bishop Louis-Zéphirin Moreau of St. Hyacinthe accepted that the sisters replace the lay teacher who had left without forewarning and that they finish out the school year.
On the morning of February 1882, two sisters chosen by Bishop Moreau himself set out for Precious Blood School.

Sister Therese de Jesus (Adélina Plante)
Sister Adèle Dancause, postulant
The latter was replaced by Sister Marguerite Marie (Philomène Dufresne), novice, on March 19 of the following year.

For five years, the sisters dedicated themselves to educating the children. However, since they were repeatedly the victims of slander, Bishop Moreau asked them to leave the school for good in June 1887.

Father Jean-Marie Bacon, O.P., parish priest since 1906, often spoke of having the Sisters of Saint Joseph return to educate the school children. Mr. Hormidas Gemme came to the Mother House a number of times to ask that the sisters return to the Sector Five school.
In 1908, Bishop Moreau advised the authorities of the congregation to accept to manage this school once again. The school board members were so happy to hear this that they immediately set about getting the school renovated and equipped with new furniture.
The sisters were:
Sister St. Thomas d'Aquin (Apolline Morin)
Sister St. Laurent (Laura Mélançon)
Sister St. Brigitte (Elmire Martel)

Since the number of sisters was decreasing and since no residence space was provided for them in the new school, the congregation was obliged to withdraw its services. The sisters left Larocque School for good on June 29, 1963.

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