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Meeting on the sharing of responsibilities between
lay and consecrated persons

Novembre 19, 2005 : memorable meeting

I never would have dreamed that the Holy Spirit could do such extraordinary work in so little time.

During the sharing in groups and the plenary session, I really felt that the two groups (Sisters and Associates) were entering a new level towards maturity. Certain persons, both lay and religious, were hoping for more autonomy for the lay association It was felt that, even though the term “arrimage” was not part of our vocabulary, the concept was real and lived with respect, truth, and deep trust.

It is together that we work for the same mission by sharing the charism of our founders Mgr. Moreau and Mother Élisabeth Bergeron.

News that shocked us

Sister Noëlla Viau’s term of office as coordinator ends this year! Although we knew that she would not last forever, we do not count the years when all goes well. I have known many coordinators since I am an associate: Sisters Angèle Daneau, Lise Berger, and Marielle Cadieux. All were exceptional, each according to her charism. So, when Sister Maryse Gauvin referred to the person who would succeed Sister Noëlla, we expected her to name a Sister.

A lay coordinator for the associates

However, she told us that today would see the beginning of the consultation within our group to suggest names of persons so as to help the Eastern Regional Council to choose the first lay person for the post of coordinator. I must admit that I was astonished. There are times when we feel that we have arrived at a crossroad, when suddenly we realize that we are the only person to think thus, but, after discussions, we find that many other persons shared this desire for maturation that leads to more autonomy. What a great moment for us all!

We owe thanks to Sister Maryse Gauvin, regional superior and to her council for respecting our growth towards a confluent maturity and for her belief that the Holy Spirit will be at the centre of our discernment for this consultation.

Marianne Daudelin, associate, proud to be a steadfast member


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