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Saint Hyacinthe (Raymond School)


This school, located at the corner of Lafontaine and Raymond Street, was part of the Notre Dame du Rosaire parish managed by the Dominican Fathers since October 1873.

In 1910, Father Raymond Hamel, O.P., and Mr. Hormidas Gemme, school board president, asked Mother St. Ignace de Loyola (Marie-Louise Gatien) for some Sisters of Saint Joseph to replace the lay teachers then teaching at Larocque School. The request was granted.

In September 1910:
Sister du Saint Nom de Marie (Hermindre Langevin)
Sister St. Leandre, novice
Sister Sara Cordeau, postulant
Sister Marie-Louise Bergeron, postulant
taught the 176 pupils who were distributed into 4 classes.

In 1966, teaching and managing the school were turned over to lay teachers. The sisters left this school after having worked there for 56 years.

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