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Tracy (St. John Bosco School)


The parish of St. John Bosco is an offshoot of the Marie Auxiliatrice parish. It encompasses Cournoyer Boulevard where the church, rectory and school are located, the Cent Maisons sector, St. Roch Road, the Richelieu sector, and Bonin town. On its west side is the Richelieu River and on its east side the St. Lawrence.

Two schools existed in the parish territory: St. Gerard School and that of St. Roch Rural Road. The people wanted a school managed by sisters, in the parish centre near the church. In the spring of 1954, the school board of St. Joseph of Sorel and of Tracy asked for and obtained from Mother St. Madeleine of Pazzi (Sara Cordeau), superior general, a promise to send 4 sisters for the planned school. It was therefore possible to go ahead and build the school and residence. The 4 sisters lived in a part of the Marie Auxiliatrice school building.

Sister Theresa of the Cross (Lucille Gemme)
Sister St. Collette (Juliette Vadnais)
Sister St. Leon (Thérèse Flibotte)
Sister Joseph of the Trinity (Béatrice Benoit)

Uncontrollable circumstances forced the sisters to leave their residence and to go to live on Georges Street, in Sorel. On June 30, 1974, the sisters left St John Bosco parish.

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