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Facing wind and sand

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What an anguishing trek, through the desert, you experienced Joseph in order to escape from the jealousy, the rage, and the killings of King Herod, who intended to do away with all male children who were two years or less in Bethlehem and surrounding districts. Knapsack on your shoulder, with Jesus and Mary, you flee from your country and seek refuge in Egypt. You leave your country, your carpenter shop, your house; you make your way towards the unknown, experiencing a deep inner darkness against wind and sand, to live, with your family a harsh exile in an altogether different culture.

But what joy, you experience, Joseph, when you listen to that “little inner voice” telling you that you can return without fear to Nazareth with Jesus and Mary for all those who wanted to kill the child are dead. You teach us, Joseph, that we also must listen to the mysterious inner voice which always speaks in the depth of our heart. Teach us, O Joseph, not to suppress it amid the noise of the outside world and the tumult of our passions and desires. Thus, we shall be able, like you, to grasp the dreams of God which show us the direction to be followed in order to enjoy real happiness and to abandon the winding paths that bring only sadness and disappointments.

Lise Berger, sjsh

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