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Persons of desire

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How troubled you are, Joseph, when you hear Simeon, the venerable elder, reveal to your beloved Mary that one day, intense suffering, like a sword, will pierce her womanly and motherly heart. Faced with that strange fate, your only possible reaction is silence.

However, what profound joy you experience, Joseph, when you hear Anne, the widow, and Simeon, the elderly prophet, say to all the parents gathered in the Temple on that day, with their newborn and their doves, that your Child, Jesus, is the great One expected as Light of the World.

You then became aware that they could recognize the real identity of Jesus because they were both persons of desire who aspired each day to see the Messiah…the Lord. Through this experience, Joseph, you understood that, henceforth, every man and every woman can also see and recognize God in their existence, if they tend towards the coming of the Kingdom…if they set out to meet their God at every moment, where He is to be found,…in their innermost heart! Thus, more by their life than by their words, they will be able to speak of the Living Jesus to all those who aspire within themselves for a blossoming of Life of abundant Life.

Lise Berger, sjsh

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