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Delson (St Thérèse de l'Enfant Jésus School)


Delson is situated on both sides of the Tortue River. The neighbouring towns are : on the east side St. Phillipe, on the north side Laprairie, and on the west and south sides St. Constant.

On July 12, 1941, Mother St. Jean Berchmans, superior general, signed a commitment with the school board on behalf of the sisters.

Sister St. Suzanne (Lucienne Ballard)
Sister St. Mathieu (Aline Larivière)
Sister St. Estelle (Flore Brault)
Sister Claire de Jesus (Charlotte Déry)
Sister Marie St. Raphael (Marguerite Lasnier)

On June 30, 1970, the sisters left the parish.

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