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(St. Elisabeth School)

(St. Elisabeth School)

1964 – 1985

Asbestos is a city situated in the north-east section of Richmond and has been, since 1904, a division of the Danville municipality.

In 1961, the girls' high school was centralized. The school board wanted to entrust the management of this school to the Congregation of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of Saint Hyacinthe. On April 27, 1961, the school board members decided to build St. Elisabeth High School. As of the 1961-1962 school year, the students from Danville, St. George of Windsor and Wotton also attended this high school.

Sister Alphonse Marie (Delphine Robert)
Sister Sainte Bernadette (Laurette Cloutier)
Sister Saint Vital (Marie-Anna Benoit)
Sister Joseph du Sauveur (Laure Cournoyer)
Sister Etienne de Marie (Irène Lefebvre)
Sister Marie Sainte Flore (Florida Bouvier)
Sister Sainte Rose (Pauline Larocque)
Sister Albert Marie (Jeanne Ménard)
Sister Saint Justin (Henriette Martinbeau)
Sister Madeleine du Precieux Sang (Madeleine Cadieux)
Sister Sainte Jeanne Françoise (Marie-Claire Taillon)
Sister Marie Sainte Therese (Jeannine Doyon)
Sister Saint Jude (Thérèse Berthiaume)
Sister Marie Saint Maurice (Jeannine Couture)
Sister Marie de la Grace (Lucille Bouvier)
Sister Monique de Jesus (Monique Nadeau)
Sister Saint Michel (Collette Vadnais)
Sister Therese des Lys (Thérèse Desrosiers)
Sister Sainte Germaine (Marthe Gloutnez)

In 1977, the religious personnel left Morin Boulevard. Four sisters moved into a house on Fifth Avenue, and five others on Chasse Streeet. On July 31, 1991, the sisters moved into a house on Morin Street.

On August 5, 1998, the sisters left Asbestos for good, after 49 years of presence among this population.

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