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A Child Born

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How difficult it was for you, Joseph, to accept the birth of your child in a manger, for lack of space to welcome him in the inns. For a long time, you searched to understand why his life had to begin as a cast out. Little by little, you understood that he is called to satisfy the various hungers of human beings: hunger for happiness, for justice, for fraternity, for peace, for spirituality, for a meaning to life, for all that gives importance to existence…

However, you feel a great joy when, as you contemplate your little one cuddled in your arms, you observe the fine traits of his face, of his eyes and of his tiny fingers, so like your beloved and beautiful Mary. You are convinced that you are called to discover his resemblance to his Mother’s interior beauty, to lead him to the threshold of his mystery and to allow him to become who he is…”the Son of Man”.

Lise Berger, sjsh

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