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Saint Labre



In 1943, St. Labre was a village comprised of six houses, the church, the school and the convent. St. Labre is 128 kilometres south-east of Winnipeg and eleven kilometres from Woodridge.

In October 1942, a group of parishioners asked their parish priest to find them some sisters for their school. He contacted Mother St. Jean Berchmans (Blanche Meunier) and asked for Sisters of St. Joseph. He received a 'no' because there were no sisters available. In 1942, the priest received a letter from Mother St. Jean Berchmans saying she would be sending sisters for the fall of 1943.

Sister Marie des Cinq Plaies (Délima Morin)
Sister St. Jean d'Avila (Marie-de-Lourdes Marcoux)
Sister Joseph du Redempteur (Madeleine Brault)

One sister taught grades 1 to 8 in the one-room school. The second sister worked as a volunteer teacher aide for 18 years.

On July 2, 1962, the sisters left this mission with regrets after 19 years of dedicated service there.

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