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Saint Georges (Allard School)



St. Georges of Chateauguay is a French-Canadian parish located 144 kilometers from Winnipeg. It is on the west shore of the Winnipeg River which flows out of Lake of the Woods, in Kenora, Ontario.

At a celebration for their priest, Father Sylvio Caron, the parishioners expressed their desire to have sisters manage the local school. He acted as mediator and asked Mother St. Maxime (Marie-Louise Bouvier), superior general, for sisters. He received an affirmative answer: the town would have Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Hyacinthe for the 1927-28 school year.

Sister St. Aime (Léa Hébert)
Sister Marie du Bon Conseil (Alice Lapierre)
Sister St. Camille de Lellis (Alma Ledoux)
Sister Marie de l'Incarnation (Marie Mousseau)

Teaching the children was the sisters' prime activity and they gave of themselves to this task with patience and kindness.

In the summer of 1969, the sisters left the parish of St. Georges. Two sisters, who continued to teach in St. Georges, resided in Powerview.

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