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South Junction


South Junction is located in southern Manitoba, about 6 kilometres from the U.S. border and the state of Minnesota. It is part of Piney municipality and an outstation of the Catholic parish in Vassar.

In Summer 1941, it was impossible to find lay teachers for the South Junction School. Mr. Adhémar Beaudry, president of the school board, thus went to Vassar to speak to Sister St. Elphege (Noëlla Lamoureux) about this and to ask her to contact her superior general and ask for teaching sisters for this school.

Sister Marie du Sauveur (Marie-Anna Marcoux)
Sister St. Jean d'Avila (Marie de Lourdes Marcoux)

Besides teaching in the school, the sisters gave catechism lessons outside of school hours. Each weekend, a sister accompanied the priest during his visits to the surrounding parishes. As well, one took care of the sacristy, was choir master during liturgies, gave catechism lessons after mass while the other visited the elderly and the sick, bringing them joy, compassion and an attentive ear.

On July 4, 1995, the sisters withdrew from South Junction.

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