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Élisabeth Bergeron: a spiritual guide

In silence and in prayer, Élisabeth searched at length for God’s intentions for her life. Although she could not write, she was asked to found a religious teaching community of women whose mission would be to instruct and to educate young persons, to reveal to them God’s tenderness by being especially close to the least and the weakest.

To this day, with lay persons associated to their charism, they carry on their teaching mission by focusing their attention on children, youths, women, and families.

The miracle of Élisabeth’s life is reproduced each time a person, following in her footsteps, strives to adjust her life to what God expects of her and, through her actions and words, she manifests God’s compassionate tenderness so that others may discover that God loves them.

By allowing our own life to reveal an attribute of God, by expanding in ourselves the space where He dwells, we might possibly share some of this intimacy and thus help someone experience a rebirth and a personal relationship with God.

Relying on the power of hope, with daring, with simplicity, and with joy, each of us is invited to choose the path of humble and generous service which was that of Élisabeth. She accompanies us, and the Spirit who guided her also precedes us on our daily path.

Angèle Daneau, sjsh

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