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Saint Hyacinthe (Saint Joseph)


The parish of St. Joseph is across the Yamaska River from the city of St. Hyacinthe's downtown area. St. Rosalie is its north side neighbour, St. Dominque its east side neighbour and La Providence its south-west side neighbour.

Father Charles-Hugues Lafontaine and the members of the school board first asked for Sisters of Saint Joseph for the town school in 1924 but they had to accept a delay. During this delay, they built a convent and hired lay teachers who taught at the school for the next two years. In spring 1926, Mother St. Maxime (Marie-Louise Bouvier), superior general, promised sisters for the fall.

Sister St. Andre (Marie-Josèphe Pinault)
Sister Aimee de Marie (Alice Giard)
Sister Marie-Emelie (Yvonne Dansereau)
Sister St. Alphonse Rodriguez (Marie-Louise Plouffe)

The sisters left the parish for good on June 25, 1975, for community reasons.

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