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Saint Dominique


The parish of St. Dominique is situated between St. Hyacinthe and Granby. It neighbours are Notre Dame du Rosaire parish of St. Hyacinthe, and the towns of St. Pie and St. Simon.
St. Dominique parish developed rapidly due to the industrial exploitation of limestone which is used for surfacing roads and railway beds.

On May 18, 1884, Father J.-B. Duhamel, parish priest, with the agreement of the school board asked Mother Sainte Anne (Apolline Dancause), superior general, to provide sisters for the town school for the following September. After consulting with Bishop L.-Z. Moreau, Mother Sainte Anne approved this request. The school was merely an old building some distance from the church and too small for the sisters to live in. They therefore boarded with an elderly woman, Mrs. Marquette, in a house situated closer to the church.

Sister du Saint Coeur de Marie (Marie-Louise Bouchard)
Sister de l'Assomption (Virginie Prévost)
Sister Marie Joseph (Adèle Dancause)
Sister Saint Benoit Joseph (Ombéline Filteau) (novice)

On June 27, 1997, the house in St. Dominique was closed. This ended a 113-year period of history. Due to a significant decrease in the number of members in the congregation, the sisters decided to leave this parish.

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