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See! It Is Founded ... the Community

By August, there was still only Miss Blanchette who was able to teach; this was not sufficient. They continued to pray with confidence and perseverance. A Miss Langevin came forward (and was accepted). They still did not know where they were to live. [The bishop] told them they would live in the town of La Providence.

The members of the school board offered them the school and Bishop Moreau gave them his definitive answer on September 11 (1877). The joy felt by these good women when they learned the news was beyond description.

On September twelfth (1877), these four generous ladies, Misses Elisabeth Bergeron, Elise St-Germain, Malvina Blanchette, and Valérie Langevin entered the poor schoolhouse in the town of La Providence. The grass around the building grew higher than the windows; the interior was no better than the exterior: the main floor was not divided into separate classrooms; the dirty black walls were not a pleasant sight. These poor souls found no furniture other than an old table.

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