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First steps...

Miss Bergeron did not become discouraged; she prayed with more fervour, asking God what he wanted from her, putting all her trust in him. After two or three weeks, she returned to His Grace (the bishop), and told him once more what she believed God wanted.

When the bishop saw them he said, 'Here are these crazy women again!' and he laughed; however, he gave them a bit of hope when he asked them to pray a lot; this remark consoled them somewhat.

During a visit to the Bishop, she was told that he did not want a contemplative community of Sisters because one was sufficient in his diocese. He did not want Sisters of the Charity either, nor a boarding house for young ladies. If she absolutely wanted to give herself to the Lord and start a community, he wanted an Institute of teaching Sisters for the classrooms and if she could choose appropriate companions for this task, then, he would see.

Many women wanted to become her associates, but they were too old and uneducated. When he saw them, he said: «Go, I can do nothing with such subjects!»

This scant success did not discourage Miss Bergeron; she prayed to God to send her competent companions, if he wanted this project. She thought of Miss Blanchette from La Presentation and spoke to her. Miss Blanchette was happy to accept her invitation.

Therefore, they started their preparations. From time to time, they went to see His Grace who greatly encouraged them. […] Later, two other single women asked to join them. But the tests to which they were submitted discouraged them so much that they abandoned the project.

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