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Located on the east bank of the Richelieu, Iberville faces the old city of St.-Jean-Sur-Richelieu. The municipality of Iberville has become a sector of the city of St. Jean-sur-Richelieu since January 2001.

Sister Louise Latraverse
Sister Madeleine Francoeur

Since the fall of 2000, Louise has been a pastoral worker in the parish of Sacré-Coeur d'Iberville. As of June 2004, Madeleine joined Louise and formed a community with the St. Jean-sur-Richelieu group.
Since 2012, Louise continues her commitment as an officer in the pastoral unit of the St. Athanase parish. The major issue is that of Christian initiation.
In retirement since the fall of 2014, Louise is present at the Champagnat residence (CHSLD) giving communion every other Sunday.  Furthermore, once a week, she presides over the celebration of the Word at the Champlain residence. She is also a member of the Amnesty International Team.

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