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Croydon (St. Lambert Annex)


Croydon is a subdivision of the St. Lambert parish and is often referred to as St. Lambert Annex. It is around six miles from Montreal, and its neighbours are St. Lambert, St. Hubert and Laprairie.

In spring, 1941, Father Roméo Lauzon, parish priest, in agreement with the school board, asked Mother Saint Jean Berchmans (Blanche Meuneur), superior general, to give Croydon two teaching sisters, one for the French classroom and the other for the English class.

Sister Saint Marcellin (Marie-Anna Laliberté)
Sister Saint Edmond (Marie-Louise Lemay)
Sister Pauline de Jesus (Adrienne Poirier)
Sister Saint Jean (Eileen Shannon)

On June 27, 1974, the sisters left Baillargeon Street and moved to Payer Boulevard in St. Hubert. In 1977, they left Payer Boulevard and went to Legion Street. On June 29, 1991, they left this house and moved to Michel Street. On June 14, 1994, they left to live on Grenier Avenue.

In July 1995, the sisters left this parish for good.

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