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Which Path ? My God...

The following are the first pages from the chronicles, written by the foundresses of the Congregation. We have been faithful to the original composition in order to retain the style of that time period.

Marie Elisabeth Bergeron lived with her family in a town near Saint Hyacinthe until she was nineteen years old. During her childhood, she had already felt greatly attracted to religious life. At nineteen, she was able to overcome the difficulties her parents continually put in her way and to achieve her plan of entering the noviciate of Precious Blood Monastery. Précieux Sang.

Her frail health did not allow her to persevere in this Congregation. She was therefore obliged to return to her family and resolved to spend the rest of her life there. But feeling pressured, inspired by God to live more perfectly, she asked her spiritual director to give her a rule of life. He replied that God called her to religious life, […] that she was to put all her efforts into entering a community. What was she to do?

Having neither health, dowry, nor education, what Monastery would receive her? She intensified her prayers. Finally, she decided to ask to join the Grey Nuns [of Saint Hyacinthe]. These good sisters, believing her to be too weak to serve in their Congregation, did not admit her.

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