In 2002, the community closed its house in Abricots after having turned the St. Joseph School over to a Haitian community: the Little Sisters of St. Therese of Child Jesus.

Sister Jeannine Doyon had worked in this project for a few months, in 1994-1995 before being called back to Quebec, Canada, to take on another service : that of religious authority in her congregation. In 2002, after having completed her mandate in this service, she returned to her adopted country to work in close collaboration with the Sisters of the Holy Cross, in Milot, near Cape Haitian.

This educator, with many years of experience, wanted to help the children who had difficulty in French as well as the teachers of French in the Holy Cross Elementary School

Sister Jeannine lived with three Sisters of the Holy Cross: two Haitians and a Canadian. Together they formed a community group.

Sister Jeannine returned to Canada in June 2003 after having fulfilled her mission!

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