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Saint Anne de Sorel


St. Anne is situated along the St. Lawrence River, Vallieres Bay, Marais Stream and the Yamaska River in the north-east section of Sorel. It encompasses the St. Lawrence Islands that are south of the channel.

Around 1934, Father Jean-Louis Boisvert, parish priest, considered entrusting the management of the local school to some teaching nuns. This idea created a lot of difficulty for him as many citizens were opposed to it. After considerable negotiating and discussions, the school board finally accepted the proposal and undertook to prepare a residence for the sisters on the second floor of the school. Father Boisvert met Mother St. Ignace de Loyola (Marie-Louise Gatien), superior general, to ask her for sisters. Given his insistence, she promised to send sisters for the next school year.

Sister Marie-Ange (Gracia Lacroix)
Sister St. Julienne (Marie-Reine Bélanger)
Sister Joseph du Redempteur (Yvonne Ledoux)
Sister St. Jean du Calvaire (Annette St. Jean)

The sisters left their house for good in 1987.

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